Lady Liberty Makeover!

Happy 2012... I'm finally back! Sorry it took so long, but better late then never right?! I hope you enjoyed your holiday. I wish I could say I spent mine relaxing and taking some time off, but that just wasn't the case. It's been busier than ever over at J.Marx Atelier, and I'm so excited to be working on so many new projects that I adore. You may remember this little project I blogged about back in September called Lady Liberty. Well, she's almost complete and I love the way this little sandwich shop/lobby turned out. Minus a few minor bits that are in progress, like the hand written chalkboard, gallery art wall, and copper bistro chairs she's as good as done. I'm so proud of this little gem and as soon as all those last little bits are in I'll take some better photos to share with you.

{photos by Roy Marx}

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