Our House

A little while back I posted this inspiration board for a redesign of our living room. Everything seemed so perfect, but I just kept fussing with the sofa option. Then one day I stumbled upon this little gem from Organic Modernism, ya know the place I mentioned on Tuesday, and I fell head over heels. It was the perfect piece to fill the void... but that meant a few other pieces had to be swapped out too. I'm pretty happy with the results. I think this is the final design, at least for now. And do you remember when I went to Montreal a few months ago and I mentioned I picked up a great vintage piece, well, that amazing brass lotus lamp has traveled a long way to join us, and I love her very much. I can't wait for this room to be done.

Check out my Houzz Ideabook here for more info on where to purchase many of these items.