Black Swan

Hello, Hello! I'm so excited to share some really HUGE news. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me mention that my husband and I just bought our first home.... eeeek! But before you get too excited it's a real piece of work. While we loved the amount of space, layout, lighting, etc... the interiors left little to be desired. The previous owner moved in in the early 70's and never did any updating at all. And we're not talkig about cool design 70's, we're talking carpet in the bathrooms 70's, wtf? The plus side is that that means we get to tear it all up top to bottom and I get to put my own twist on every little detail, which is super exciting as a designer. I'll be sharing the entire process, including befores and afters on the blog, wait till you see the transformation. The best part is since I am my own client I'll be able to share all my sources which means you'll easily be able to get the look in your home as well.

To get the ball rolling I'm sharing my overall mood board for the entire home. As you probably could have guessed there will be lots of black, white, woods and metallics. I'll be sharing more specific mood boards of each room in the coming weeks as well. For now I hope this little teaser wets your appetite and gets you excited for what's to come. 

You can also follow along to see all the progress at #jmablackswan.

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