Black Swan {Guest Bath}

Today we're talking about the guest bathroom reno... basically the baby's bathroom. When we purchased the home the guest bathroom layout was terrible and not very functional for a family with a small baby. There was a tiny standing shower and no tub, which just wasn't going to work for us. Fortunately, the bathroom was large enough to accommodate a tub, it just needed a little reworking, which in my opinion made the space infinitely more functional. On top of reworking the layout, the finishes needed a complete overhaul as well. Here's what's going on...

Floors: These Cement Tiles were basically the jumping off point for the whole design. I was deciding between a few black and white patterns, but this one was really spoke to me and I loved the graphic geometric pattern. 

Walls: Because the floors were so graphic I wanted to keep the walls a little more neutral. I decided on a matte 3 x 6 white subway tile in a herringbone pattern. I'm going to keep the walls slightly contrasted by going with a black grout. 

Vanity: I happened to stumble upon this sink/cabinet combo from IKEA that is perfect. The color was exactly what I was looking for and the Oak is a perfect compliment to the bold black and white of the rest of the space. I love that this is the one pop of color in an otherwise black and white space. 

Plumbing: I've always been in love with the Matte Black Jason Wu for Brizo Faucets and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to use them in my own home. I went with the Single Handle Faucet for the sink and Tub/ Shower Faucet. I know I'm going to love the way the black fixtures pop against the white tile. The tub is just a simple white apron front tub from Kohler, I wanted something more square and modern, and the toilet is from Duravit. I went back and forth on the toilet, but in the end I simply loved the Stark 3, the lines and proportions were perfect as well.

Lights/ Mirror: Keeping with the black & white theme I went with a simple round mirror from CB2. It's pretty minimal which I love. Then on either side of the mirror I have these sconces from Cedar & Moss in black. 

Accessories: For the most part these were pretty straight forward from the beginning... I loved these black pieces from Ferm for the toilet paper and hand towel. This Menu coat rack is perfect for larger towels and I think it will look awesome on the white tile wall. The shower curtain was a little more difficult. I originally wanted to use this faux marble print one from Ferm Living, but it was out of stock. A little while back I found this black and white one from Urban Outfitters. While I'm not 100% convinced that this is the right choice, I feel like I'll try it out for now. It's always an easy thing to switch out later. The bath mat on the other hand I ADORE! How cute is that little tiger, and so perfect for out little peanut. The last item is the shower curtain rod and rings... these might seem pretty straight forward, but for some reason finding black hardware was harder than you might think. After some serious searching I finally found what I was looking for. 

And there you have it, guest bathroom plans... pretty cool right?!

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